Submitted preprints by Urban Larsson:

2-player Tower of Hanoi, with J. Chappelon and A. Maatsura (March 2015, IJGT)

When waiting moves you in scoring combinatorial games, with R. J. Nowakowski, C. Santos (Spring 2015, IJGT)

Guaranteed scoring games, with J. Neto, R. J. Nowakowski and C. Santos (Fall 2015, EJC)

Finding golden nuggets by reduction, with N. Mc Kay, R. J. Nowakowski, A. Siegel (Fall 2015, IJGT)

Global Fibonacci nim, with Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo (Fall 2015, IJGT)

Hopeful windows and fractals in cellular automata and combinatorial games (May 2016, exploratory paper, Automata Zurich 2016)

A Cellular Automaton for Blocking Queen Games, with M. Cook and T. Neary (February 2016 Natural Computing, Springer); this is an expanded manuscript of the paper with the same name, published in the conference proceedings for Automata 2015.