Urban Larsson

I am a Killam postdoctoral fellow, with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, at
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Office: Chase building, room 225
E-mail: urban.larsson@dal.ca

I do research in combinatorial game theory, combinatorial number theory, computer science, and other subjects.

My superviser is Professor Richard Nowakowski. My Phd-advisers were Docent Johan Wästlund and Professor Peter Hegarty.






See also my arXiv pages.

Coauthors: A. Balz, J. Chappelon, M. Cook, E. Duchêne, M. Dufour, M. Fisher, N. Fox, A. S. Fraenkel, P. Hegarty, S. Heubach, J. Knape, A. Maatsura, N. McKay, T. Neary, J. Neto, R. J. Nowakowski, S. Rubinstein-Salzedo, C. Santos, T. Schoen, A. Siegel, M. Weimerskirch, J. Wästlund
Disclaimer: This is a personal www-page. Opinions expressed here do not represent the official views of Dalhousie University.
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