Urban Larsson, Ph.D. in Mathematics

My extended position as a Killam postdoctoral fellow finished 7th September 2016.
I am very happy to announce my new postdoc position at Technion, Haifa, Israel, The Game Theory Group under supervision of Professor Reshef Meir at the department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Office: Bloomfield Building, room 522
E-mail: urban031@gmail.com

I do research in bidding games, combinatorial game theory, combinatorial number theory, computer science, and other subjects.

My postdoc adviser at Dalhousie University was Professor Richard Nowakowski. My Phd-advisers were Docent Johan Wästlund and Professor Peter Hegarty.






See also my arXiv pages.

Coauthors: A. Balz, J. Chappelon, M. Cook, E. Duchêne, M. Dufour, M. Fisher, N. Fox, A. S. Fraenkel, P. Hegarty, S. Heubach, J. Knape, A. Maatsura, N. McKay, T. Neary, J. Neto, R. J. Nowakowski, S. Rubinstein-Salzedo, C. Santos, T. Schoen, A. Siegel, M. Weimerskirch, J. Wästlund
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