Urban Larsson, Ph.D. in Mathematics

Postdoc with the Technion's Game Theory Group.
Address: The Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Cooper Building, room 321
Haifa 3200003

Phone: +972 4 829-4508
E-mail: urban031(at)gmail.com

News: We are now accepting submissions to the next issue in the popular book series Games of no Chance. If interested in contributing, please submit your high quality CGT manuscript to urban031(at)gmail.com before January 2019.

My favourite topics are game theory, number theory, combinatorics, discrete mathematics, cellular automata, scientific coding, and more. I am the Editor of the book Games Of No Chance 5 (in print, see for example GONC for the first book in this popular series of books of peer reviewed papers in combinatorial game theory), and I am an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Game Theory, where we will also publish a Special issue on combinatorial games with high quality peer reviewed papers, invited from CGTC I and CGTC II. My postdoc at the Technion is with Reshef Meir and Ron Lavi. My postdoc at Dalhousie University (a Killam postdoc 2014-2016) was with Professor Richard Nowakowski. My Phd-advisers were Docent Johan Wästlund and Professor Peter Hegarty.







See also my arXiv pages

Here is an outline on an ongoing project to formalize 'the Alexander Technique'--I certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique over 20 years ago, but did not pursue it as a profession, because at the time I did not find the method formal enough: Vicious cycles and questions without answers. A more modern version, still developing: New version. Here are some slides that I was developing before writing the paper slides. When writing the paper, I realized that there is no need for mathematical formulas, although I still think habits could be modeled as functions; the idea of a habit is that, given a stimulus, it produces a predetermined action (for a given agent with this habit).

Coauthors: A. Balz, J. Chappelon, G. Cohensius, M. Cook, E. Duchêne, M. Dufour, M. Fisher, N. Fox, A. S. Fraenkel, E. Friedman, S. Garrabrant, V. Gurvich, P. Hegarty, M. Heinrich, S. Heubach, N. B. Ho, C. Kimberling, J. Knape, A. Landsberg, A. Maatsura, N. McKay, R. Meir, R. Milley, T. Neary, J. P. Neto, R. J. Nowakowski, A. Parrau, G. Renault, I. Rocha, S. Rubinstein-Salzedo, C. P. Santos, T. Schoen, A. Siegel, D. Wahlstedt, M. Weimerskirch, J. Wästlund
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